Male vs Female Shih Tzu: Which One Should You Choose?

As you can already tell, Shih Tzus are small dogs. Both males and females stand at nine to ten and a half inches tall and weigh nine to sixteen pounds.

Gender isn’t something that affects the Shih Tzus’ health status. Males can get ill as easily as females. There is no rule here.

They get along perfectly fine with other dogs or animals, but their relationship with kids is something special.

The lowest price for female Shih Tzus is around $1,300, while males cost slightly less, around $1,200.

Many factors like age, gender, color, bloodline, location, AKC recognition, etc., affect the final price. That’s why the most expensive female Shih Tzus in the States go for around $4,000, while males sell for $3,000.

The males are usually much more forgiving and accommodating than females.

Females do tend to show off their stubborn side more than males. The males are just too anxious to please.

Female Shih Tzu: - more docile - easier to train - independent - stubborn - territorial - no alpha behavior - bond to men - controls her affection - moody - reserved - calm - bonds slowly with kids and pets

Male Shih Tzu: - less docile - not so easy to train - relies on you - eager to please - laid-back - show off alpha - bond to women - more affectionate - less moody - attention seeker - dominant - bonds quickly with kids and pets