Best Husky Raw Diet: 5 Pros And  2 Cons


The BARF diet stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and Bones and Raw Food.

Familiar With The Ingredients

When you make your Husky a raw diet meal, you know exactly what goes inside one.

Numerous Health Benefits

It’s proven that Husky dogs that eat raw food have shinier and healthier coats.

Regulation Of Bowel Movements

Raw food is rich in natural fibers, which help to promote regular stools of normal consistency.

More Energy

A Husky that eats raw is likely to have more energy than his buddies that eat kibble or wet food.

Higher Price

Meat was always pricey, but these days, the prices are sky-high.

Easier To Become Spoiled

A raw diet meal for your Husky can easily become spoiled if not treated the right way.