The Golden Aussiedoodle: 5 Facts You Wish You Knew Before

Parent Breeds

The Golden Aussiedoodle is made of purebred dog breeds such as a purebred Poodle, purebred Golden Retriever, and purebred Australian Shepherd.

Pawfect Appearance

The Golden Aussiedoodle inherits the best of all parent breeds: the wavy coat, unique colors, athletic body, and adorable puppy eyes!

Unique Coat Type

The coat type of a Golden Aussiedoodle is influenced by the genes of the parent breeds, and all of them have some really dense and thick dog hair.

Endless Coat Colors

Golden Aussiedoodles can come in red, dark golden, golden, cream, light golden, merle, blue merle, sable, apricot, red merle, and many more colors.

Pawesome Temperament

Considering Golden Aussiedoodle's parent breeds, expect a high energy, loyal and smart pooch that you can always rely on!