German Shepherd Colors: 9 Shades That’ll Take Your Breath Away

1. Gray German Shepherd

There have been claims that gray GSDs stand for the sable or the agouti color pattern. However, the AKC has officially acknowledged gray as an acceptable solid color of the GSD that is according to the breed standard.

Interestingly enough, silver is recognized as a different color from gray, although they both originate from the same type of genes.

2. Silver German Shepherd

It’s interesting to notice that the black and tan German Shepherd puppies are darker than the same-colored adult versions. This happens because they become lighter as they grow older.

3. Black and silver German Shepherd

This type of German Shepherd keeps the black saddle and similar color patterns, which is one of the reasons why it’s one of the most acceptable color combinations among breeders.

4. Black and red German Shepherd

The sable color can consist of these shades:

5. Sable German Shepherd

• Red • Silver  • Black • Gray  • Tan

This color looks more like a washed-out red color that turns into amber and brown in certain places.

6. Liver German Shepherd

In the past, panda German Shepherds were considered a mixed breed until DNA testing, which finally proved that this type of Shepherd is also purebred, just like dogs in other colors.

7. Panda German Shepherd

Albino Shepherds are fantastic pets, just like any other German Shepherd. If you’re looking for a unique, yet obedient and amiable family pet, an albino German Shepherd will surely fit your needs.

8. Albino German Shepherd

The rarity of this color lies in the fact that the AKC and most reputable organizations don’t recognize Isabella as an official color of the GSD, but rather as a serious fault, which isn’t surprising as both blue and liver color are considered faults as well.

9. Isabella German Shepherd