5 Causes And 2 Solutions To A Fat Greyhound

Eating Habits

Extra weight can be put on either due to bad eating habits and low quality food.

Exercise Is Not Good Enough

Long walks are like triathlons for a Greyhound and will never be as effective at weight management as sprints would.

The Older They Get, The Quicker

They Get Fat Retired Greyhounds will show their owners how good they are at lying on the couch all day.

Neutered And Spayed Greyhounds

Male Greyhounds have considerably higher chances of becoming obese after neutering than females do after spaying.

Lifestyle Synchronization

Mirroring the lifestyle of the owner, the dog will likely overeat or establish bad eating habits.

Use The Greyhound’s Prey Drive During Training

You have to raise the bar in terms of exercise difficulty to give the dog a treat.

Change The Diet Completely

Combining commercial food with home cooked is a more cost effective and time efficient way to improve your Greyhound’s diet.