Fat Corgi Is a Problem — 7 Things That You Can Do

Change Food

Search for food that has a high protein percentage and low carbohydrate percentage.

Change The Amount Of Food

In general, an adult Corgi needs one to one and a half cups of kibble daily.

Add Supplements

When it comes to using supplements, you should always consult your veterinarian.

Add Fibers

Fibers don’t have a lot of calories. They will make your Corgi feel full without influencing its body weight.


Exercise is the key to not only achieving the appropriate weight but maintaining it too.

Remove Other Food Sources

If you are planning on helping your fat Corgi lose weight, it is important to remove other food sources you might have at home too.

Remove Reward Treats

If you have a fat Corgi that needs to lose weight, they can’t have treats. It is as simple as that.