F1b Aussiedoodle Vs  F1 Aussiedoodle:  3 Differences And 2 Similarities

Hypoallergenic Traits

F1b is non-shedding and hypoallergenic by default whereas it’s a gamble with the F1 Aussiedoodle's coat.

Coat Color

The F1b Aussiedoodle is more likely to receive the coat colors of its Poodle parent than the F1 Aussiedoodle.

Health And Lifespan

The weakened hybrid vigor of the F1b Aussiedoodle means that they have a wider lifespan range than the F1 Aussiedoodle.


While the F1b Aussiedoodle may be a little bit more stuck up than the F1 Aussie, ultimately, they behave mostly the same.

Energy Levels

Given their high energy, both F1b Aussiedoodle and F1 Aussiedoodle need a lot of daily exercise through walks or play.