Dog Poop Color Chart: 5 Colors To Look Out For

Purple Dog Poop

Purple/pink dog poop can be caused by gastrointestinal infections, tumors, ulcers, intestinal bleeding that is usually in the small intestine.

Blue Dog Poop

Rat poison and chemicals can cause blue dog poop. If rat poison is the cause of your dog’s poop turning blue, then you should not wait a second longer. Take your pooch to the vet immediately!

Green Dog Poop

If your dog’s diet consists of brussels sprouts, salad, green beans, and broccoli, there is a high chance that its poo is going to be green.

Yellow Dog Poop

Yellow feces in dogs can appear during transition between different brands and types of dog food (changing dry kibble for canned dog food).

Red Dog Poop

Red dog poop can be due to bleeding in the large intestine. Bleeding can also affect small intestines and the whole gastrointestinal tract.