All About Dog Behavior Before Death:  7 Signs Explained

Sudden and extreme weight loss is almost always a red light that something is wrong in the dog's body.

1. Losing Weight: Suddenly And Extremely

Incontinence could be a disturbing sign that something is not okay with the dog’s health.

2. Peeing And Pooping Without Control: Incontinence

Lack of appetite is one of the most common signs your dog is nearing his end.

3. Refuses Food: Loss Of Appetite

It starts with minor stumbles, and then it starts to happen much more.

4. Lost In Space And Time: Loss Of Coordination

The dog is breathing deep at the moment, then very shallow.

5. Catching A Breath: Difficulty Breathing

Older dogs are not very thrilled to go for walks or some other playful activities.

6. Tired All The Time: Lethargy And Fatigue

It is a specific smell that is not the same for every dog, but it has that note that reminds us of illness.

7. Something Is Stinky: Abnormal Odor