Can Dogs Be Retarded? 5 Signs And 2 Reasons For Canine Mental Retardation

Lack Of Appetite

The moment that your canine friend stops being interested in dog food or treats, you can tell something’s not right.

Poor Attention Span

The first signs that could indicate that your dog has a poor attention span, or that he’s having issues with his mental health, can be spotted during training.

Aggressive Behavior

Clear signs of aggression because of a mental disorder include avoiding eye contact, growling, showing teeth, having a stiff body posture, etc.

Lack Of Good Communication

A dog that avoids eye contact, stares into a blank space, and doesn’t really bark could be experiencing some mental health issues.

Difficulty With Learning

Dogs suffering from any mental condition seem to have issues with learning the basic commands or even learning their name.

Problems At Birth

Most mental issues can start at birth. Birth complications are normal, not only with humans but with dogs too.

Brain Trauma

Any accident a dog gets into can cause brain trauma and thus, lead to neurological damage and behavioral problems.