Boxer Feeding Chart: 7 Things You Need To Know

Active Boxer Dogs

Feeding your Boxer dog food with a guaranteed level of protein of 26% or higher is recommended to help support its high activity levels.

Lazy Boxer Dogs

Lazy Boxer dogs require less calories per day to maintain their overall health and avoid becoming obese.

Senior Boxer Dogs

Even though senior Boxer dogs are less active and have slower metabolisms, they require dog food that is high in energy, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

Pregnant Female Boxer Dog

It is best to provide your pregnant female Boxer dog with a nutritious diet that has 10% more energy each week until delivery.

Intact Male Boxer Dog

Research shows that intact male Boxer dogs eat more than their neutered counterparts.

Neutered Male Boxer Dog

After having your Boxer dog neutered, you have to put it on a special diet to ensure a fast recovery.

Spayed Female Boxer Dog

To ensure that your spayed female Boxer maintains a healthy body constitution and condition, the amount and type of food must be changed.