Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix: 3 Character Traits & 2 Appearance Features

Loyal And Loving

The Blue Heeler Pitbull is very loyal and loving to his owner, and this is why it makes a wonderful family pet.

Eager To Please

The Blue Heeler Pitbull is devoted to his owners, and is eager to please them, so training this dog should be a delight for any dog owner.

Highly Energetic

The Blue Heeler Pitbull has a high energy level, and therefore, requires different activities, both physical and mental.

Striking Appearance

Blue Heeler Pitbulls are powerful and muscular. They have large jaws, round head, and muscular chest.

Coat Type And Colors

Blue Heeler Pitbulls have a short and thick coat, which sheds moderately. Common coat colors in this dog are brown, gray, and white.