American Bulldog Ear Cropping: 3 Cons And 2 Pros

Post-Operative Complications

Many American bulldog puppies end up having to suffer through this and have to grow up with some potentially damaging consequences.


While a commonly unnecessary and painful act for the dog, American Bulldog ear cropping is only painful in the short term.

High Risk

Because American Bulldog ear cropping is done relatively early in a dog’s life, about 5-6 weeks of age, there is a risk of puppies not waking up from anaesthesia.

Overall Safety

If you have a clumsier American Bulldog or your yard is full of rough terrain with thick brush and similar, you may get your dog’s ears cropped for his overall safety.

Preventing Infections

Most American Bulldogs have the floppy part of their ears cropped to prevent such an infection from spreading further or taking root in the first place.