9 Springer Spaniel Mixes You'll Adore

9 Springer Spaniel Mixes You'll Adore

1. Sprocker Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel mix)

This is a dog with really high energy and a sense of adventure, but one that is also extremely charming, loyal, intelligent, and lovable.

2. Springador (Labrador Retriever mix)

Labradors are definitely one of the most loved dog breeds out there, and when you combine them with Springer Spaniels, you get even more lovable, loyal, and affectionate pups.

3. Spangold Retriever (Golden Retriever mix)

They are absolutely adorable doggies with friendly, loyal, and affectionate personalities — an absolute treat to have as a family pet.

4. Sprollie (Border Collie mix)

This crossbreed is very easy to train as it's super smart. Just don't forget to give him plenty of exercise!

5. Spreagle (Beagle mix)

A Spreagle pup will be easy to recognize by its large, floppy ears. Thisis a cheerful and intelligent pup that's perfect for all families.

6. Sproodle (Poodle mix)

If you're looking for a good hypoallergenic mix, this might be an amazing choice. The fact that they look like teddy bear is just a bonus!

7. Aussie Springer (Australian Shepherd mix)

This is a fun and exciting crossbreed that will love outdoor activities. However, it will shed a lot.

8. Spanierd (German Shepherd mix)

These dogs have sweet and friendly personalities but are also funny and a little bit mischievous. Not to mention they're entirely adorable!

9. Springer Spaniel Sheepdog (Old English Sheepdog mix)

The Springier Spaniel Sheepdog is a well-mannered and loving dog with great working skills.