9 Small Dog Breeds You Don't Want to Mess With

9 Small Dog Breeds You Don't Want to Mess With

1. Beagle

The Beagle is an affectionate and protective dog breed with a great sense of smell. In fact, they are often working as police dogs!

2. Bergamasco Shepherd

This rebellious dog isn't very fond of strangers, and he can be very protective towards property and its owner.

3. Boston Terrier

Despite his small size, this is a highly territorial doggo, protective of his humans and his property. Just be careful if you have some small animals around the house!

4. Chihuahua

This tiny pup is proof of the saying that  poison comes in small bottles. This is a protective dog that can - and will - bite.

5. Manchester Terrier

This is one of the best small guard dogs for your appartment. He is very alert, and he can chase enemies with loud barking. Just don't forget about early training!

6. Miniature Pinscher

The Min Pin is a small dog with big personality. He likes to be dominant, and is very attentive to strangers.

7. Miniature Poodle

Do not let their innocent looks deceive you. These pups are able to be extremely on guard.

8. Miniature Schnauzer

Ignore his funny looks caused by his mustache, long beard, and thick eyebrows. This dog is fearless!

9. Puli

This small mop of a dog is actually a rather independent canine, and even kind of bossy. As such, he is among the best small guard dogs you can find.