9 Havanese Colors That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Havanese Colors That Will Blow Your Mind

1. White Havanese

The white Havanese dog is the most popular and common form of Havanese dog breed.

2. Sable Havanese

The black tips typical for sable Havanese can be found on any base color, including white, silver, red, and so on.

3. Silver Havanese

Silver Havanese puppies are born black. Once they reach adulthood, their coat can range from a dark smoky color to a soft gray color.

5. Gold Havanese

The glossy Gold Havanese ranges from an apricot to a sandy brown color.

6. Red Havanese

The Red Havanese breed can have a really intense red color, but you can find them in lighter, ginger shades.

7. Chocolate Havanese

These pups are so cute you can eat them! Their shades can range from white coffee to black chocolate.

8. Brindle Havanese

This is one of the rarest colors not just in Havanese but in the entire canine world. It's gorgeous none the less.

9. Chocolate and White Havanese

If you've thought chocolate havanese are delicious, wait until you see these ones!