9 French Bulldog Mixes: Different Kinds of Frenchie Perfection

1. French Chow Dog

The French Chow is known for their love to run free and wanting to have a fun time.

2. French Bulldog Corgi Mix

If you want a pooch that is relatively lazy, you should get this Frenchie mix, as they are chilled out most of the time.

3. French Bulldog X Boston Terrier

The mix of these breeds resulted in a dog that is sensitive and ready to give so much love to their owners. That’s the reason they need to be trained with positive reinforcement.

4. French Bullpit

The French Bulldog Pitbull mix is a breed that is made of muscle. But, don’t be fooled, they are affectionate and crave cuddling and love.

5. Frenchie Labrador

This mix craves stimulation, as they can be very destructive if they get bored.

6. French Bullhuahua

This Chihuahua mix is highly intelligent and tends to be faithful, however, they can take a bit of aggressive behavior after Chihuahuas, as they are known for being overprotective.

7. French Shepherd Dog

They tend to be a bit aloof with strangers and as a German Shepherd barks a lot, they do too, so meeting with your loved ones is essential in the beginning.

8. Frengle

The Frengle is one of the newer hybrid dogs and has a sturdy and longer body. Most of the time, they inherit the Beagle’s big, floppy ears.

9. Frenchie-Pei

When you see a Frenchie-Pei, you can tell that it’s a big, sturdy French Bulldog. However, their facial structure is more like that of the Shar-Pei with the bat ears of the Frenchie.