9 Cutest Havanese Mixes In Existence – Gotta Pet ‘Em All

Havachon – Havanese  x Bichon Frise

Havachons are very smart and eager to obey dogs that are able to learn and perform new tricks quickly!

Cavanese – Havanese x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavanese dogs are affectionate, smart, and aim to please their loved ones.

Cheenese – Havanese x Chihuahua

This little hybrid inherits the best of both worlds – the Chihuahua’s big personality coupled with the Havanese’s silky smooth coat!

Havamalt – Havanese x Maltese

Their sweet nature enables them to get along well with other dogs, small children, and even strangers!

Havallon – Havanese x Papillon

Havallons are known to be loyal, well-tempered, and affectionate dogs that love to cuddle with their loved ones.

Havaco – Havanese x Cocker Spaniel

Havacos are known for being faithful, loving, charming, and sweet-tempered dogs that get along well with everyone.

Havapoo – Havanese x Poodle

These pups are kid-friendly and get along well with other dogs due to their stable temperament.

Havashu – Havanese x Shih Tzu

Havashus fit well into families with small children and are affectionate toward their owners.

Havashire – Havanese x Yorkshire Terrier

This small designer dog is a lively and affectionate pup that has a protective side for its loved ones.