9 Belgian Malinois Mixes You Should Check Out

This is a large dog with high energy levels that makes an amazing guard dog.

#1 Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix

#2 Belgian Malinois Husky Mix

This pup will undoubtedly have high energy levels and require lots of activity to stay happy. Belusky is a very intelligent crossbreed, so lots of mental stimulation is also essential.

#3 Belgian Malinois Pitbull Mix

This dog will have a high prey drive, so he will do his best as the only dog in your household. Also, you will need to socialize him from an early age.

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Malinoodle will be a great family member for most people while still staying aloof enough to be a good guard dog, as well.

#4 Belgian Malinois Poodle Mix

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Great Malinois won’t have as high energy level as purebred Mals, which is an excellent thing if you don’t always have the time for extensive playtime.

#5 Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

Malinois Lab is a loving dog with a dominant side. They will stay territorial and keep their high prey drive, especially toward smaller animals or dogs of the same sex.

#6 Belgian Malinois Labrador Mix

This might easily be the best guard dog you can find. A Cane Corso Belgian Malinois mix will fulfill this duty without a flaw.

#7 Belgian Malinois Cane Corso Mix

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#8 Belgian Malinois Dutch Shepherd Mix

Most Mali-Dutchies will be friendlier than purebred Belgian Malinois, and they’ll be great friends with kids.

These are intelligent dogs eager to learn tricks, but you’ll need to spend lots of time training them as they can be stubborn at times.

#9 Belgian Malinois Doberman Mix

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