9 Australian Shepherd Mixes You'll Adore

9 Australian Shepherd Mixes You'll Adore

1. Golden Aussie

This dog is very friendly and easily adaptable in families. Bonds made with this breed are strong and secure.

2. Ausky

These dogs need a lot of space, so a big yard is perfect for them. You should be very careful if you have small children because they can express their intense character.

3. Aussiedor

Due to his Labrador parent, this intelligent dog is distinctly a family pet who is great with children, will guard a home, will always want to play and will show affection.

4. Augi

It is best if you can provide him with a lot of space. Animal farm would be the best choice considering his herding nature, especially if you have sheep.

5. Chiaussie

This is a very active dog who acquires a lot of attention due to his high energy. It is very playful and vivid and I love to explore and run.

6. German Australian Shepherd

This dog is a prototype of a loyal dog. He is obedient, bold, protective, skilled, playful, loyal, guardian and a working dog who loves his family.

7. Sheagle

Due to his intelligence, this dog can be very fun one and troublesome, but with firm training he will get back on track.

8. Texas Heeler

This dog is not made for easy-going owners because he is in sixth speed. He requires a lot of stimulation, both physical and mental. So if you want this dog badly, better get in shape.

9. Chow Shepherd

Due to his fury coat you will probably have an urge to hug it. But carefully. This is one attentive high energy dog who can sometimes be aggressive. It is not suitable for first time owners.