7 Worst Dog Food Brands On the Market

Alpo, By Purina

Most of the ingredients serve as calories, which does add to your pet’s energy, but nothing more than that.

Gravy Train

This brand has confessed that it used medications for euthanasia that if consumed in sufficient quantities, it could affect your pet in a negative way.

Purina Dog Chow

It is possible for this food to cause congestion as well as an obstruction in the intestines.

Kibbles N Bits

With the addition of soybeans and wheat flour, this type of meal is just confirming the bad dog food label it has on the market.

Cesar Filets

This food contains an unusual concentration of salt if compared with other foods on the market.

IAMS Pro-Active Health

A lot of buyers were displeased and reported that their pets had symptoms, such as vomiting and bellyache.