7 Ways To Tell Your Dog Is Pregnant

Sickness, A.K.A., Vomiting

Vomiting occurs in week three or four after the breeding process. Sometimes, dogs can have morning sickness, but not throw up. This might be the reason why they change their moods.

Changes In Appetite

In the early stages, pregnant dogs feel sick which is why their appetite tends to decrease. In the middle of the pregnancy, they might experience an increase in appetite.

Breast Changes

As the pregnancy progresses, the dog's breasts get bigger. Areolas become bigger and more rounded compared to their usual size and shape.

Nipple Color

The nipples can become darker, and this indicates that the blood flow has increased and the teats are preparing for milk production.

Changes In Behavior

Some dogs will love attention, try to spend a lot of time around their owner, and most likely sleep really close to you. Other dogs tend to get isolated.


Pregnant dogs take all the blankets, toys, and pillows you gave them and make a little nest. They know that this place is a safe place for the whelping process.

Changes In Body Weight

Depending on the number of puppies, the dog will either get very big or gain just a bit of weight.