7 Tiger-Like Brindle Dog Breeds

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers come in many different colors and color variations – one of them being brindle. The brindle pattern can be across their whole body while at other times, it can barely be noticeable.

Great Dane

For the biggest dog in the world, ‘Great Dane’ is a suitable name. While brindle is a rare pattern, it is still possible - and gorgeous looking!

The Plott Hound

These active dogs love company and they prefer having plenty of space to roam. Due to their brindle pattern, they'll be the talk of the town!


This isn't a well-known breed, but it's beautiful nonetheless. It often comes in royal chestnut brindle color.


Akitas are adorable but shy dogs that aren't fond of strangers. They can come in many colors - brindle being one of them.

Boston Terrier

While true Boston Terriers come in black and white, they can also come in brindle of various shades.

Jack Russell Terrier

JRTs are high-energy dogs that can be stubborn at times. It's good thing they are so adorable - especially in brindle!