7 Shih Tzu Mixes That Make Terrific Pets

Shih Poo

You’ll never have a dull moment with them or a more loyal friend than the Shih Poo!


The Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix seems like he’s always got energy spare to keep on jumping around, playing, and showering his owner with tiny kisses.

Affen Tzu

The Affen Tzu will mostly resemble the Affenpinscher parent, with its wiry coat. You can expect a fair amount of grooming with this crossbreed.


This kind soul looks like the ultimate lap pooch from your dreams, with all sorts of Shih Tzu colors combined with white splashes.

Shorki Tzu

Throughout the years, the Shorkie Tzu has become valued for its perky temperament and loyal character. They’re cheerful, energetic, and cuddly.


Meet the Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu mix whose small, sparkly button eyes will show you all the kindness you need from a doggy.


With the Shi’s affection and the Rottie’s loyalty, the Shiweiler is one of the sweetest, kindest crosses on this list!