7 Shocking Reasons Why Your Dog Walks And Poops

Poor And Unappealing Diet

A low quality dog food can cause either diarrhea or harder stool, which can then cause your dog to defecate while walking.

To Mark Their Territory

Walking while pooping helps them spread their scent even more.

Muscle Weakness Or Even Pain

It takes a lot of strength for a senior dog to stay still in a squatted position, and their muscles sometimes can’t handle it anymore.

Lack Of Bowel Control

Besides pooping while walking, another thing that could happen because of their lack of control of their bowels, are accidents at home.


The reason dogs walk when pooping is that they feel exposed when doing it.

To Keep Grass From Poking Them

Since it is uncomfortable when something is poking their bums, dogs will simultaneously walk and poop to avoid the grass.

Just A Bad Habit

This is a habit that will most likely stick with them for a longer time if you don’t train them not to do so.