7 Pawesome Beagle Colors: Choose Your Favorite!

Red-Black Beagle

This Beagle sports a red base coat with black patches and markings as the secondary color.

Black And Tan

The brown or tan coloration may be seen on the Beagle's bottom, chest, face, legs, ears, and tail.

Chocolate Tri-Color

A Chocolate Tri-Beagle puppy is a gorgeous and attractive dog, with brown, tan, and white coloring.


Most of the Lemon Beagles are born purely white. But, their nose and lips will always be dark!


A Blue Tick Beagle puppy draws attention due to its unique blue Beagle color, and is said to be a lovely and joyful small dog.


Just as the Blue Tick Beagle, it has a unique color created by the spots and ticks on its back.

Black And White

As they grow, their coat color may change from black to diluted black or light brown.