Dog Colors 101: An Introduction To Doggy Shades And Patterns

Dark brown, mid-tone brown, gray-brown, and many other tones fall all under the category of brown.

1. Brown

The red color is definitely one of the most beautiful dog colors, and surely one that is going to catch the attention of many people.

2. Red

Blue-colored pups are really gorgeous, and they have that exotic look that steals hearts.

3. Blue

An interesting fact about cream dogs is that they do not have the pigment, eumelanin, but rather a gene for dilution.

4. Cream

Gold is definitely one of the most beautiful colors that is often associated with richness and beautiful rays of sunshine.

5. Gold

Often confused for a golden shade, yellow is also one of the famous dog coat colors.

6. Yellow

Apricot is a very rare dog color since it is a bit difficult to breed dogs with this hue.

7. Apricot