7 Greyhound Colors No One Can Resist

7 Greyhound Colors No One Can Resist

1. Fawn Greyhound

Greyhounds can come in several fawn shades, and all are equally astonishing. Most of these pups will have a black mask.

2. White Greyhound

While pure white Greyhounds are rare, many Greyhounds have a white base coat with specific markings. And no, they are not the same as albino dogs.

3. Black Greyhound

One of the rarest Greyhound colors, black can be challenging to find in this dog breed. Still, these pups are elegant and sleek, and entirely gorgeous!

4. Blue Greyhound

While blue pups are easily recognized by their unique coat colors, any Greyhounds with blue noses will be considered blue!

5. Brindle Greyhound

This striped pattern is much more common in Whippets, so if you notice  your brindle Greyhound is very tiny, chances are you have the wrong dog breed!

6. Sable Greyhound

Just like brindle, black tips of the sable pattern can occur on any base color. However, it will be much more noticeable on lighter coats, such as fawn or red

7. Merle Greyhound

While merle is a controversial pattern, no one can deny just how beautiful these doggies look!