7 Gorgeously Fluffy Lhasa Apso Mixes

Be Apso: Lhasa Apso X Beagle

This small dog is not a typical lap dog – he can be very independent and is extremely loyal. Due to his calm nature, he is great for people who are not overly active.

Dachsi Apso: Lhasa Apso X Dachshund

This small dog is very playful and energetic and can be a huge barker. Don't forget early training!

English Lhasa Bull: Lhasa Apso X English Bulldog

The English Lhasa Bull is loyal and loving with his owner, but might show distrust with strangers.

Lha Cocker: Lhasa Apso X Cocker Spaniel

The Lha Cocker is a fun-loving dog that will get along well with family members of all ages. Also, he won't shed a lot!

Schapso: Lhasa Apso X Miniature Schnauzer

This is one easy-going, affectionate dog that adores his owner and that does not want to spend a minute away from them!

Lhasalier: Lhasa Apso X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Lhasalier is a very intelligent dog so it is able to learn many tricks. He is playful, loyal, and calm; therefore, it makes a wonderful choice as a family pet.

Lhasa-Corgi: Lhasa Apso X Corgi

This little fun-loving dog will be a true delight in everyone’s home. Just remember to monitor his playtime with kids!