7 Beautiful Pitbull Lookalikes

                                          The Cane Corso doesn’t belong to the Terrier family, but it has a similar attitude and appearance to that of a Pitbull.

Cane Corso

          The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the breed that is most similar to the Pitbull because of their similar head shape and body, and the same large neck and square face.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Dogo Argentino is very similar in facial structure and builds to a Pitbull, but their color patterns differ. A friendly and cheerful breed, Dogo Argentino mostly comes in pure white.

 Dogo Argentino

The main difference you can tell when looking at an American Bully and a Pitbull is that American Bullies have shorter legs and are strongly muscular, and their easy-going nature is a lot easier to handle.

 American Bully

To differentiate a Pitbull from Boxer, observe that Boxers are larger and have a more compact muzzle; however, their high-energy levels are similar to the ones of pitties.


At first glance, you may think that you saw a Pitbull because of its stocky body full of muscles. However, their small, pointed ears and oval-shaped face placed in their sleek head make them easier to distinguish.

 Bull Terrier

The Ambullneo Mastiff is a new breed created to be the optimal guard dog, and it comes in black or deep gray colors. Their facial and bodily build, pointy ears, and short, droopy face make them similar to Pittie.

Ambullneo Mastiff