7 Best German Shorthaired Pointer Mixed Dog Breeds

Lab Pointer (Labrador Retriever & German Shorthaired Pointer)

Lab Pointers are gentle with kids, have an easy-going disposition, and they will thrive if they have space for their activity needs.

Pointer Bay (Chesapeake Bay Retriever & German Shorthaired Pointer)

Pointer Bays love to spend time with their family, and along with being smart and loyal – this dog is all of that.

German Shorthair Toller (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever & German Shorthaired Pointer)

This dog will either be a companion dog or a hunting dog… whatever you need of him.

 Australian Shepherd Pointer (Australian Shepherd & German Shorthaired Pointer)

They are friendly, and they tend to form deep connections with family members, especially with children.

Boxapoint (Boxer & German Shorthaired Pointer)

Due to their intelligence, Boxapoint dogs need a lot of exercise in order to avoid destructive behavior.

Pointollie (Collie & German Shorthaired Pointer)

A well-socialized and trained Pointollie will be a devoted and loving dog.

English Sprointer (English Springer Spaniel & Pointer)

English Sprointers will get along with every human and animal in the household!