7 Whippet Colors: Everything You Need To Know


Usually when it comes to markings of tan, the Whippet will have a black mask, be tan and white, tan brindle and white, or tan and white with a black mask.


Whippets might come in the base silver color, but also the parti colors of silver brindle, silver and white, and silver brindle and white.

Blue Merle

Although beautiful, blue merle is one of these colors that are not accepted as the standard Whippet color.


Markings may include black brindle, black and white, and black brindle and white—all beautiful variants!


Variants of this sort include brown brindle, brown and white, brown and white with a black mask, and brown with a black mask.


Whippets can come in a solid shade of brindle or the beautiful combination of brindle and white!


Some Whippets are pure white, while some can also come in the parti colors of fawn and blue brindle!