7 German Shepherd Mixes That Will Melt Your Heart

Gerberian Shepsky: German Shepherd And Siberian Husky Mix

Their calm and nurturing nature makes them amazing pets for families that have kids.

German Australian Shepherd: German Shepherd And Australian Shepherd Mix

They love to please people who they love, but they are always careful with strangers, which makes them amazing watchdogs.

Shepweiler: German Shepherd And Rottweiler Mix

The funny thing about these big dogs is that besides their size, they think of themselves as lap dogs.

German Sheprador Or Labrashepherd: German Shepherd And Labrador Retriever Mix

Since both parents are working dogs, German Shepradors need to be given small or big tasks throughout the day.

German Sheppit: German Shepherd And Pitbull Mix

These dogs deeply care about their family, and love to protect them and shower them with a lot of kisses.

Shollie: German Shepherd and Border Collie Mix

Since they come from super intelligent parents, you can expect your Shollie to also be extremely intelligent.