7 Most Interesting  Basenji Mixes  — It’s Yodel Time


1. Chihuahua Basenji Mix

Basenji Chi is a small dog with low shedding traits and a long lifespan, especially if it inherits the Chihuahua lifespan genes.

2. Akita Basenji Mix

The Akita Basenji mix is not considered a good dog for first time owners. They need thorough socialization starting in puppyhood.

3. Welsh Corgi Basenji Mix

The Welsh Corgi Basenji mix is affectionate and loyal. They are half herding half hunting dogs, so they will have high energy levels.

4. Jack Russell Terrier Basenji Mix

Lively and playful, they get their inquisitive nature and alertness from both parent dog breeds.

5. Border Collie Basenji Mix

Forget about peaceful nights and days because this Basenji mix tends to bark a lot!

6. Cocker Spaniel Basenji Mix

If properly socialized, they can get on great with other dogs and animals.

7. Labrador Retriever Basenji Mix

The Labrasenji is a crossbreed that has the highest adaptability and openness to strangers than all other Basenji mixes.