Meet The 7 Loyal And Sporting Viszla Mixed Dog Breeds

Vizsla Dachshund Mix

The Vizsla Dachshund mix is an active and smart dog that is easy to train.

Vizsla Poodle Mix

The Vizslapoo is very affectionate and good with small children just as long as it is socialized and trained at an early age.

Vizsla Beagle Mix

The Vizsla Beagle will get along well with humans and with other pets in his household, as long as it is socialized.

Vizsla Doberman Mix

This dog would best fit into a family whose members are adventure lovers and who are active all the time.

Vizsla German Shepherd Mix

Besides loving to work, this dog is a very sociable dog that loves his humans and strives to protect them.

Vizsla American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

The Vizsla Staff is a dog that is in love with people, and also, a very smart dog, so he is great at working as a service dog.