6 Stunning Vizsla Coat Colors

Golden Rust Vizsla

This is the standard Vizsla color. The goldne rust coat resembles a light shade of brown

Golden Vizsla

Golden Vizslas have a lighter, yellowish undertone that gives the coat a lovely golden shade

Red Viszla

Red Vizslas aren't really red. They fashion a cool shade of rusty brown.

Red Golden Vizsla

The reddish-gold coat has amber or mahagony pigments.

Rust Vizsla

Rust Vizsla actually has an orange tint in the coat. The neck and the shoulders are lighter, resembling a saddle pattern.

Russet Gold Vizsla

Russet Gold Vizslas have a warm, russet coat with a splash of gold. These Vizslas were the ultimate hunting dogs in 14th century Hungary.