6 Rare Labrador Colors And Markings

6 Rare Labrador Colors And Markings

1. Merle Labrador

Yes, merle Labradors do exist!   Their coat is very specific, and designed in uneven, irregular patches of diluted pigment and solid color.

2. Brindle Labrador

Small tiger? No, it’s the brindle Labrador!

3. Dudley Labrador

His nose is the main feature we use to distinguish whether it’s a yellow or a dudley Labrador. Dudleys are known as pink-nosed Labradors. Their nose is pale, usually ranging from very light brown to soft, baby pink.

4. Black and Tan Labrador

Black and tan Labradors can derive either from the chocolate Lab or the black Lab. It’s all about mixing and matching those color genes!

5. Chocolate and Tan Labrador

Chocolate and tan is the rarest color of the Labrador Retriever dog breed.   The color of chocolate goes beautifully with light tanned tones that cover different parts of the body.

6. Labrador with White Markings

What do you call a Labrador wearing a tuxedo and white socks? A Labrador with white markings, of course!