Are Huskies Good With Cats? 5 Ways Of Introducing Them

Early Socialization

Husky puppy should be introduced to cats as much as possible in order to help them develop into calm and loving companions.


During the training, it is important to teach your Husky commands that would involve playing nicely with your cat or leaving her alone when necessary.

Slow Introduction

Cats are usually not very good with a big (Husky-big) change, and they might need some time to get used to everything.

Feeding Regime

Feed your cat, and then your Husky. Due to the pack mentality, the Husky should understand that the cat is important and deserves respect.

Cat Escape Routes

High place are great escape routes for your cat if she feels threatened or just wants to get away from the Husky that has been bothering her.

Rewarding Good Behavior

When you see the two of them having a nice playtime, or when they follow your commands, give them a treat.

Equality Is The Key

If you all of a sudden give more attention to the new dog, then the cat will most definitely feel neglected and jealous!