What Is A Bait Dog? The 5 Ugly Truths

The Purpose

The purpose of a bait dog is to condition a fighting dog to become more aggressive by providing it with a proverbial punching bag

How Do People Acquire Bait Dogs?

From picking up stray dogs on the street, adopting dogs from shelters, or buying them on Craigslist to dog-napping canines that are left unsupervised.

Dog Breeds Used As Bait Dogs

Unfortunately, any type of dog can become a bait dog—from small dog breeds to medium-sized and large dogs, no dog breed is safe from being used as a bait dog.

The Effectiveness Of A Bait Dog

Fighting dogs are unlikely to get better and stronger at street fights by being pitted against weaker opponents during training.

Dog Fighting And Dog Baiting

Dog fighting and dog baiting are animal abuse and felony offenses in all 50 states that are punishable by up to three years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.