5 Reasons Why Younger Dog Is Attacking The Older Dog

Canine Pain

An older dog usually shows signs of pain by growling or if they yelp, but it can be really challenging for younger dogs to comprehend what’s going on

Dog Jealousy

There is a high chance that a younger pup will experience a certain amount of jealousy if it notices that your senior canine is getting more attention

Dog Aggression Caused By Food

It’s possible that your younger pup will act violently towards your older canine if they don’t like it when they get in their way during a meal.

Possessive Behavior

It’s possible and completely natural that some pooches don’t like to share their stuff with other pets, especially with other canines.

Canine Epilepsy

This might come as a surprise for some canine owners, but if your older canine suffers from epilepsy , the younger pooch might have a strong reaction to it.