Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix: 5 Reasons Why You Need This Hybrid Dog!

Small Size

Despite its large and tall Golden Retriever parent, the Golden Dox is going to be a short dog, suitable for small apartment living.

Unique Appearance

The Golden Dox puppy inherits short legs and elongated sausage body like most Dachshund mixes do. The long muzzle is still present, as well as floppy ears.

Coat Colors

The Golden Dox inherits golden, cream, white, black and tan, wheaten, red, black and cream, and so on — almost any color you can imagine!

Shedding Amounts

The shedding amounts seem to be divided evenly, making the Golden Dox a relatively low-shedder.

Personality Traits

The Golden Dox is sometimes stubborn, a bit needy, and occasionally loud. On the other side: extremely energetic, playful, loyal, affectionate, and unbelievably cuddly!