Puppy Crying At Night In The Crate: 5 Reasons & 2 Ways To Help

Energetic Doggy

The excess energy keeps them awake at night and whining to be let out.

Lonely Doggy

They get used to your presence and companionship, so at night they miss you so much that it makes them cry.

Scared Doggy

If they are scared of the crate, then sleeping in it at night will be a big no-no for them.

Needs-To-Go-Out Doggy

If your puppy is all of a sudden crying in the middle of the night, he might need a bathroom break.

Sick Doggy

A sick puppy will cry to show you that something is causing him pain.


Treats are a great way to help your dog enjoy his crate a little bit more.


Dogs love their toys, and of course using them is one way to help your dog fall in love with their crate.