Meet 5 Mexican Dog Breeds And Spice Up Your Life

A Chihuahua is often perceived as an aggressive dog, but their owners say otherwise. Chis are known as utterly loyal, loveable pups, with both charm and attitude.


These dogs are known to be excellent with kids since they are small and playful. They are easy to train, and they show great loyalty to their master.


Despite its name, it is actually not likely that this extravagant looking dog is made in China. This pooch is the perfect companion dog that will develop great affection toward you.

Chinese Crested Dog

The Chamuco is like a dog psychologist. It assesses people’s intentions very well, and that shapes him to be a watchdog of first class!


This dog can tolerate other pets, and likes to be involved in all activities. It is a loyal and protective breed that has a bit of guarding instinct toward strangers.