5 Doberman Colors You'll Love

5 Doberman Colors You'll Love

1. Red And Rust Doberman

These dogs carry rusty markings on the usual spots: above the eyes, on their muzzle, ears, legs, chest, under their tail, and on their bottom.

2. Isabella And Rust Doberman

The Isabella and rust Dobies have the recessive dilute genes to thank for their uniqueness. These pups carry red genes instead of the usual black ones. The dilution affects the genes and results in a diluted red coat, also called fawn or Isabella.

3. Blue And Rust Doberman

Many dog lovers will think their blue color is actually gray. Well, can’t blame them because the blue coat color does have a silver hue with a tint of purple added for a glossy finish.

4. Solid Red Doberman

These Dobies are also called chocolate Dobes and, as you can imagine, they’re unethical to breed, raise, and own.

5. All-Black Doberman

Black Dobermans are completely unethical to breed, and they carry numerous potential health issues. The black gene is dominant over the dilute gene and doesn’t allow it to come through.