5 Cutest Maltipoo Colors That Will Win Your Heart!

The Parti Maltipoo

This is a unique-looking Maltipoo that has two colors, where half of the Maltipoo’s fur is covered with white. Markings of cream, apricot, brown, tan, or black are usually found on their backs or faces.

The Cafe Au Lait and Coffee Maltipoos

“Cafe Au Lait” is just another term for light brown Maltipoos, while Coffee-Colored Maltipoo is the darker of the two brown colors.

The Apricot Maltipoo

Even though this shade is not as popular as white or cream, it still remains pretty in demand when it comes to different beautiful sheens—maybe because your Maltipoo looks like an adorable teddy bear!

The Phantom Maltipoo

These puppies are born with a specific pattern on their paws, chest, muzzle, eyes, legs, and so on. These markings are usually bi or tri-colored, making this puppy truly unique.

The White Maltipoo

As we have imagined, the white Maltipoo is the most popular pup of this breed. What people may not know is that white Maltipoos might also completely lack certain cells in the skin responsible for pigmentation.