Dog Throwing Up White Foam: 5 Possible Causes

1. Eating Grass

If you notice that your dog is eating grass, it might be a good idea to let your him eat quality and nutritional greens

2. Indigestion

Indigestion occurs because your dog eats a lot of food that’s either low quality dog food, wrong human food, or it simply eats too much food.

3. Foreign Body Ingestion

If there’s a foreign body stuck in the esophagus, your dog will cough, drool, and gag while trying to vomit.

4. Kennel Cough

Dry cough irritates the dog’s throat, which results in retching. In other words, a dog gags, but it doesn’t throw up.

5. Kidney Disease

Canine kidney disease raises concern in dog owners because their puppy pees a lot, but it also throws up white foamy vomit.