5 Beautiful American Bully Colors

Tricon Bullies lor America

This is one special group of Bullies that represents patterns with a wide range of colors. Tricolor American Bullies inherit colors such as tri choco, lilac, red/tan, and blue/tan.

Striped American Bullies

Striped can be expressed in all shades but in the case the American Bully breed, it is usually brown in all of its varieties while the stripes are also brown but a bit darker.

Fawn American Bully

Fawn is one of the most frequent coat colors in the American Bully palette. There is a high possibility that your fawn Bulldog will also have a black nose and conspicuous eyelids!

Brindle Bully

The color pattern of a Brindle Bully can range from light to heavy, and it is difficult to say how much brindle a dog will have. Other shades include silver, beige and blue.

Red Nose Bully

Besides its nose, a remarkable trait of the red nose Bully is its beautiful coat, which is almost champagne in color.