Can You Use Head And Shoulders On Dogs? 5 Shocking Answers

The Purpose Of This Shampoo

Theingredients have been shown to help with dandruff in dogs, and since its percentage is low, it should not cause a problem with your dog’s coat.

What Are The Benefits

Head And Shoulders shampoo can make it much easier for you to help your dog that is currently battling a fungal infection, a skin infection, or a yeast infection.

Do Dogs Need Shampoo?

If your dog doesn’t get too dirty while playing, or if he spends most of his time at home, you can sometimes bathe him without shampoo.

Human Vs. Dog Shampoo

The pH level in dogs is more neutral, so if human shampoo is used too often on dogs, it can damage their skin and expose the dog’s skin to various bacteria and viruses.

How Often Should You Use This Shampoo

Two to three times a week is quite enough to effectively solve the problem without overdoing it and damaging your dog’s fur at the same time.