5 Adorable Pomsky Colors That You Will Fall For


Brown Pomsky pups are often referred to as chocolate Pomskies because their brown coat color can range from dark to light, resembling the color of chocolate.

Black And White

The black color of this Pomsky pup can come in different shades with solid white patches. It can range from a solid jet black to a light gray color


These Pomsky pups come in a solid white coat. Sometimes the white Pomsky inherits creamy shades on its ears, around its eyes, and long its muzzle.

Black And Tan

Black and tan Pomsky puppies have tan markings across their chest, muzzle, ears, and on the bottom side of their tail.

Red Pomsky

The red Pomsky is a variant of brown/chocolate, with a little twist. The brown/chocolate color seems to have a reddish-chestnut shade.