3 Lines And 4 Types Of German Shepherds – All Variations In One Place

1. West German Working Line

West German working GSDs are more athletic than other working lines, with good bone support.

2. East German Working Line (DDR)

The East German Working line of German Shepherd dogs was bred to work long hours in harsh weather.

3. Czech Working Lines

The Czech Working line German Shepherd is the biggest of all types of German Shepherds.

1. Miniature German Shepherd

The Miniature German Shepherd is a crossbreed developed by breeding the GSD with another purebred dog.

2. Long-Haired German Shepherd

The Long-haired German Shepherd is the same beautiful and smart doggo as the short-haired version.

3. Gold Sable German Shepherd

The so-called Gold Sable German Shepherd is very similar to the Belgian Malinois breed of dog.